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Heather Wlochowski, Coordinator

Heather Wlochowski, who served as an assistant coordinator since 2013, is now the coordinator of the Manchester Ropes Course as well as an independent contractor for several programs in CT and MA. Her full time job is a Youth Services Coordinator for the Manchester Youth Service Bureau. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University in Outdoor Education and a Masters in Family and Human Services from Kansas State University. Heather brings a lifetime of experience and passion in outdoor and experiential education; discovering her professional niche in the field as early as 1985 working for the Wilderness School in CT & 1992-2001 with Hurricane Island Outward Bound. She is highly skilled at designing & implementing positive youth and family development and experiential education programs.

Scott Goldsmith, Assistant Coordinator

Scott Goldsmith was the coordinator of the Manchester Ropes Challenge Course from 2013 until 2018 and now serves as an assistant coordinator.  In addition to this position, Scott is a school psychologist and the author of the book Experiential Activities for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: A Group Counseling Guide to the Keys to Success.  Scott was named the 2018 Manchester Regional Academy Teacher of the Year as well as the NCCPS 2018 Practitioner of the Year. Known for his passion, charisma, humor and creativity, Scott’s ability to quickly and effectively create community and help others elevate to a higher sense of self has been experienced at numerous keynote (playnote) presentations, workshops and conferences at the local, state, regional, national and international levels. Scott is also a professional musician, black belt in taekwondo and constantly seeks out physical and mental challenges that foster personal and professional growth for himself and those around him.

Kevin Brophy, Assistant Coordinator

Years ago, after participating in what he describes as “the best training experience of my life” Kevin returned to work at Manchester Regional Academy with a vision: to create a ropes challenge course for the benefit of students and staff alike. Thus, in 1997, the Manchester Ropes Challenge Course was born. The program was specifically designed to promote team building and to help participants achieve a sense of personal growth. Kevin witnessed thousands of people take this journey while he worked as Coordinator for the program until 2012. After a few years away, he returned in 2016 as an Assistant Coordinator.


Kevin is a passionate teacher and coach. His ability to connect with people was one of the reasons he was recognized as “Teacher of the Year” twice in the last ten years (at Manchester High School in 2010 and Manchester Regional Academy in 2017). Kevin enjoys spending his free time with his family either at home or at Walt Disney World Resort. His love of Tom Clancy novels continues.

Michael Kakalow, Assistant Coordinator

Michael Kakalow, AKA "Kak," was the assistant coordinator of the Manchester Ropes Challenge Course in charge of grounds and equipment from 2013 through 2016. In 2018, he returned to the course as the assistant coordinator responsible for all equipment on the MRCC.  Kak has a bachelor's degree in physical education and a master's degree in sports management.  He's taught physical education and health in the Manchester Public School System for 17 years.  In addition to teaching, Michael enjoys coaching middle and high school sports, camping and mountain biking. Kak has been a ropes course facilitator for over 12 years. .